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    i VE got the hemmingway theme because
    of the black background and its wide enough to display
    photos wiithout cutting them off.

    However when I go to the front page the page is just a list of posts
    you have to click on one to actually get inside the blog.

    I want it to be instead, the last post I made, text pics etc,
    then you scroll down to earlier posts etc.

    the way it is now makes it very compartmentalized

    The blog I need help with is tvandmoviemania.wordpress.com.


    Looking at the theme, I’m not sure you can do what you would like. The Hemingway theme is naturally made that way. Why not trying a theme like: Duotone? It will show the latest post and boasts very attractive colors. Good luck!


    That is the way Hemingway is designed. It was the designer’s decision.

    You can however have images appear on the main page as explained in Note 2 on this blog post: http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/the-excerpt-function/ .


    @thesacredpath We must be on the same wave length at the moment! Weird!


    Another thing, your images are being inserted WAY too wide and eventually that can break the theme and your whole blog layout will explode. You can see this when you go to a single post page and you will notice that the right side of the image goes way outside the right hand side of the blog.

    It is best to have the correct sized image inserted, and then have that image linked to the original full-sized image so that it opens in the browser when people click on it.


    @sarah, yes we are singing a duet. :-)


    If you choose to do the excerpt thing in Hemingway to get the images to show on the main page, you will have to resize them so that they are the proper width for the content areas on the main page. Having them large like you do will definitely break Hemingway and make your blog look a mess.


    I agree with you thesacredpath! Also, maybe not SO many images on one post. The post I looked at (Posh) seemed to include multiple images that looked all about the same.



    Re: Hemmingway
    We have been providing this “use an excerpt” answer since 2006. See what sunburntkamel said here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/hemingway-pictures?replies=7#post-40458

    Also note what ThemeShaper (Lance) said here this April > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/profile/lance

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