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    I’m having problems today viewing my wordpress site, with the Hemingway Rewritten theme. All the formatting has disappeared, and it’s just showing up as plain text. I’m using Chrome as my web browser, but have also tried IE with the same result, and Safari on a Mac with the same result. I’ve also noticed some other pages also using this theme aren’t loading on my computer properly either. Is this a problem with my page, or with all pages using this theme? I’m completely new to writing a blog, and terrible with all coding/programming scenarios.
    Any advice gratefully received!

    The blog I need help with is charlottehbest.wordpress.com.



    There have been some recent issues with theme updates, so I flagged this for staff attention.




    Seems to be sorted now


    …. and now back to being problematic……



    Hi charlottehbest,

    I’m sorry for the trouble. Sometimes, this kind of problem is caused by connection issues between your computer and our servers.

    Can you please try opening these three links?

    If each page loads correctly, you should see a bunch of text (CSS code) there. That’s the code that gives WordPress.com sites the correct styles and formatting.

    If one or more of those links doesn’t open for you, please let me know.


    None of those links will open – am using the most recent Chrome. Someone on another forum thread has suggested it’s a regional problem, as all of us with this problem seem to be based in Oman…



    Thank you for letting me know that you’re based in Oman. We have had a number of other reports from Oman about the same issue, and it may be a problem with a specific internet provider there. Our team is investigating to see if there is anything more we can do about this from our end. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information or an update about it.



    Hi there,

    I just want to let you know that we suspect the issue is with the internet service provider Omantel, and our team contacted them to try to resolve it directly with them. I’ll let you know when I get another update about that.



    Hi there,

    We’re trying another approach to get everything working for you. To help us out, please make sure you’re using a computer that is unable to access this link:


    Then, go to the following link to look up your IP address:


    Please copy your IP address from that page and send us an email (to support@wordpress.com) with that IP address in it.

    You can also include a link to this forum thread in your email, and let me know here once you’ve sent it. Thanks!

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