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Hemmingway template - recent comments on the bottom bar

  1. A little frustrating that there's a 'recent entries' available but not 'recent comments', any idea if this will be added?

  2. As you have noticed Hemingway does not have a full compliment if widgets. Bloggers who have asked about this in the past were told that there were no plans for additions.

    "No Sidebars Defined
    You are seeing this message because the theme you are currently using isn’t widget-aware, meaning that it has no sidebars that you are able to change. For information on making your theme widget-aware, please follow these instructions."

  3. That's a bit poor...

  4. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. The theme is an unusual one. If you wish you can request such a widget but I don't believe you will be successful. Here's the link

  5. thanks I understand its unusual...I'll try & post the reply here.

  6. Best wishes :)

  7. Looks like I'm out of luck...oh well...

    I'm sorry but that theme only has what you see.

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