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"Here’s a quick excerpt"??

  1. After a few days of quiet on my site ,which was started ,just a few days ago ,I 've got some messages appearing as comments relating to my timid posts. this comments were taking my posts into different other sites ,however ,those one(comments)have this body content :"Here’s a quick excerpt".
    What is this? Should I accept this "comments"? Should I reported as spams?Advices?

    *searching th web for explanations I've realized that a lot of blogs have the same body messaging content into a lot of posts.
    With respect,

  2. If you see something spammy, it's best to flag the comment as spam.

  3. You've been scraped. There's not much you can do about it in this case, since they reproduce only a portion and link to you, except to ask them to remove it...if there's any contact information on their site, and usually there is not.

    Another typical phrase, other than the 'quick excerpt' one, is "unknown had an interesting thing to say" or something to that efffect. That, too, is a few brief lines and a link which, apparently, is within the law even though they are posting it only to get hits for their ads, usually Adsense. Gah.

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