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Here we go again (missed schedule)

  1. Well well well....... I really don't know what to say

  2. Well why is it hard to do this?

    Originally seen 3yrs ago. Went to support and back several times. No fix.

    The thread from Jul 29.

    Support claims that 'someone' else visiting your blog will trigger publishing. T

  3. Today Oct 24 another missed schedule.
    No amount of visiting the blog from unassociated PCs triggered publishing.

    Same as before, once it goes into missed schedule mode no matter how many times you change the publish date/time to the future it will always miss any future schedule. Even if you set it 2 days in the future.

  4. Hi I have not been able to publish a blog on wordpress for at least a week now. I have watched the article 'publishing' for the last ten minutes now but it will not load up. My posts are never more than 600 words and I have tried with and without attaching pictures and tags. Help? My blog is

  5. Nov 3. Missed 3min

    After a lot of twigging and reloading it eventually got published.

  6. Another error that happens lately. For absolutely NO reason at all (everything working, site working), sometimes when updating you will get:

    "Are you sure you want to do this?

    Please try again."

    The 'Please try again' is a link.

    Follow the link, you lose your work. Press back, you lose your work.

    Basically you lose your work

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