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    Today I get 96 views on an obscure post done years ago, and the the search engine term that got them to me was about twenty pages down into Google’s pages, after using the exact same search wording.
    Funny that, ain’t it..

    The blog I need help with is



    No. It happens – so what?



    Maybe you don’t appreciate questions of this nature, that’s what … Maybe you just don’t know, that’s what.
    Maybe you are tired of clients with their tiresome questions, that happens in businesses that become a little arrogant.
    That’s what.



    Traffic happens – I had 80 page views in an hour from Finland via Facebook one morning – once a day or so on average a person will show up on my site and run 40+ views in from 1 hour to one time a person spent 6 hours on my site and probably read every article

    Traffic happens – that is the internet



    Thanks auxclass, this isn’t about traffic, more about how the traffic gets directed.
    Google searches are the winner for a lot of businesses, but how does a naive google search on a well known subject, by-pass everybody else and get to me?
    ‘So what.’ says the blonde. So how come, I’m asking ..
    Traffic is business, lost or gained.



    I have tried searching on some of the terms that got someone to my site and for some terms no matter what I tried I could not figure out how that term made it to my site – in other cases a search term might match close to a Post title –

    for some terms, my site is number 1 on Google, sadly some of those terms are not searched for very often each day – so not much traffic from those terms – other times one Post will jump up for a day – some random I think but sometimes someone will, I think show up and like something and send it to their friends – once in a while a Post will get posted in a forum – that has gotten my site up to maybe 80 page views in a single day for that Post – then maybe one a day on average after that –

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