Here’s how to add a Tweetmeme button to your blog posts. w/o plugins or long cod

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    @lilmaouz Thanks, but I actually know how to create a link. The problem is, how to get the url and the subject of the post into that link – otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense to put the link into the sidebar.

    Does anyone know any nice […] tags to or any other way to get the current (short) url and the (url-encoded) subject?



    Hello again! Ok, I thought you wanted to put something like this in the sidebar sorry for that misunderstanding. Now this works and that is nice enough to me ( I’m quickly happy :) lol


    @lilmaouz Again, thanks, but it wouldn’t really work: this link would put a “tweet this” button for one specific post on every page of the blog – might be a little irritating ;) My question goes to specific variables (well, shortcodes, actually), not static links – otherwise you can’t put it in the sidebar and have to put a tailored link code into every blog post (and no, thanks).

    In my opinion, this has to be done at the design level, anyway – it rightly belongs below the post. I just find it a little strange that with all their, let’s say, well-developed self-esteem, are missing such a commonplace yet really effective feature (and yes, in terms of publicizing your blog, it really works!).

    It seems we’ll have to hope for the future.



    There is no way that I am aware of that we can have tweetmeme buttons or any other social bookmarking links appear automatically on our posts and there most certainly is a sane and sound reason for this. We are all working on the same shared multiuser blogging platform here at and the only way we could do what you suggest would be by editing templates. We cannot access and edit the templates for our themes because those templates are shared by all the other users of the same theme.

    In other words, if you could access and edit the template underlying your own theme then any changes you made would likewise appear on the blogs of all other users with the same theme.

    The bottom line is if we want full control over our themes then we must move off this multiuser blogging platform and hire a web host and self host and individual install. Then we can access and edit templates and the affects will be manifest only on our own blogs, and not on any other blogs. I hope that helps you.

    P.S. It takes only moments to add the tweetmeme button and or social bookmarks to my posts. The problem I have is remembering to add them. :)



    Thanks for the code – worked a treat!!!



    My blog is I’ve inserted [tweetmeme] to the start of my 18 March 2010 post. The code adds a few extra characters /”>] at the start of the paragraph and nothing I do seems to make it go away. Please help me diagnose/fix the problem. Thanks much for your help.


    I love this feature, but for some reason, the retweet buttom only appears if the user clicks on “leave a comment”. Otherwise, it is invisible. Any ideas? my blog is at



    I clicked the title of your latest post and found the tweetmeme button at the end of the post.Have you tried placing it at the befinning of the post.



    Anyone found the way to add this to all my posts ??? not have to add it to any post ???





    Anyone found the way to add this to all my posts ??? not have to add it to any post ???

    We cannot access let alone edit the templates underlying out themes for blogs and that’s what we would have to be able to do in order to have social bookmarks icons and badges appear automatically on every post. The reason we cannot access and edit our templates is because this is a multiuser blogging platform and in this shared environment all bloggers who are using the same themes are, in essence, using the same template. Any edit applied made would affect every blog with the same theme and not all bloggers want the same social bookmarks. Therefore we must add these to every post ourselves.



    Do I leave the or do i change it to my blog URL. and when i put my twitter username will it show up as: RT @zak110695:



    Why am I getting a “404 Error” and a question mark in my button? Is it because I copied the code in a scheduled post and not a live one?
    But now that the post IS live, I still get the question mark…




    What about adding the compact button? Here are the instructions from TweetMeme:

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    tweetmeme_style = ‘compact’;
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    (Full instructions:

    So how would I work that into the basic code I need on my blog? So far I have this: [tweetmeme source=”alexisgrant”]




    So how would I work that into the basic code I need on my blog?

    You don’t and can’t and this is why there is a shortcode. . software will strip out javascript as it’s a restricted code and security is a priority on a multiuser blogging platform. See > and then use the shortcode provided in the first post in this thread.



    I really find this useful, it works for mi in my blog… but I would like to see in the future a simple “tweet this” button/link, no tweetmeme involved, as jacksroadhouse says!



    Hi all,
    I’m a serious coding novice here, and although I have figured out how to add this ‘[tweetmeme …]’ tweet button feature to my blog posts on, I can’t seem to get it to include RT and my twitter name in the tweet.
    In reading all the posts previous to this one, I’ve seen that I have to include the coding ‘source=”yourtwittername”‘ but when I add that, it still doesn’t work. The button works fine tweeting the name of the article and a link, but it won’t include my twitter name.
    Can anyone tell me EXACTLY how I’m supposed to include my twitter name in the code to have it show up when someone tweets my blog post?
    Many thanks in advance!



    We can’t answer any technical questions appropriately without the URL of your blog, starting with http.


    Sorry, assumed it was connected to my username…



    What’s your Twitter name? This will never work if your stream is protected, by the way.


    Twitter name is @RBCfocus (unprotected)

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