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Here's how to add a Tweetmeme button to your blog posts. w/o plugins or long cod

  1. oh, btw, does anyone know how to change it's background color to black? or no color at all? thanks!

  2. I'm sorry but the answer to that is "no". We use the tweetmeme button they provide as is.

  3. Very very helpful! wow! Now I need something similar for Facebook and Hyves.
    Will check here for other posts.

  4. Some advice and a question.

    Advice: For those struggling with the Tweetmeme button, here is the code that you want: [tweetmeme only_single=false

    Paste that code directly in your posts. I suggest putting it immediately after the last period in the first paragraph. It will appear on the right side parallel to the second paragraph and will not cause the first two paragraphs to merge without a space.

    Advice: I prefer GetSocialLive as the best site (for now, at least) for share buttons. Paste the code into HTML where you want it - I always have it on the bottom - and then go back to Visual. There, you can centre the buttons if you like and even delete one or more of them. I do this as in my view there are only a few key ones to have and it looks cleaner.

    Question: The Tweetmeme button is great. I have found several individual Facebook buttons with counters (similar to Tweetmeme) but they are all Javascript which we all (should) know is a No Go Proposition. Is anyone aware of a friendly Facebook share button with a counter?

    Many thanks and hope the advice helps.

    John Zimmer

  5. Finally, after two days searching this was just the advise that I needed!

  6. Anybody figure out how to change the default white background of the Tweetmeme button?

  7. Love it and using it, thanks! It was exactly what I was looking for!

  8. Thanks! Works great. But what if you want the button to appear on the left?
    * Julia

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