Here’s how to add a Tweetmeme button to your blog posts. w/o plugins or long cod

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    What exact code are you using on your blog? The button seems to work fine, and there’s nothing wrong with your Twitter stream either. Please go to the post and copy the exact code, all of it, square brackets and all and paste it here.


    Are you seeing my twitter name in the tweet? That’s the part I can’t seem to get to work.

    Here’s the code (between backticks) as currently in my posts:

    ‘[tweetmeme source=”@RBCfocus” only_single=false]’



    The very first post says your code should be:

    [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” only_single=false

    You don’t have the actual URL in there? Yours should look like

    Altogether, it looks like this: [tweetmeme source=”@RBCfocus” only_single=false

    But I’m also wondering: You say those are backticks you used?

    real backticks do this to code

    Those look to be single quotations. I’m thinking if maybe the problem is related to the quotation marks you’re using, or if the theme itself is possibly messing them up by making them curly quotes or something. Please tell me you’re not composing in Word, because that WILL cause these kinds of problems.



    you dont need the @


    I’ve gone back and added the URL and retyped the code straight into WP (it’s possible I did cut and paste it from Word because I pasted it in a doc so I wouldn’t forget it), but I still can’t see any difference when I try to retweet. Should I be seeing it when I tweet myself?

    I’m using the double quotes key when I type (just like with other code in WP for colors, etc) – that is correct, isn’t it? You were right about the single quotes io backticks in my post. I couldn’t find the backtick key on my laptop…

    [tweetmeme source="@RBCfocus" only_single=false]


    THANK YOU, LOLAVIBE!!!!!!!!! That fixed it!



    yw lol



    Ah, you’ve got a better eye than I have! Thanks for picking that up.



    the [tweetmeme…….] doesnt work after 1st tweet… instead the tweetmeme website loads. help



    It does that because it’s designed to only be used once by each Twitter account per post.


    I’ve been trying to insert the Tweetmeme button in the last few posts on my blog to no avail:

    The button appears when I’m logged into wordpress but not when I’m logged out i.e. no one else can see it. For instance, in my most recent post I’m using this code:

    [tweetmeme style=”compact”; tweetmeme source=”poptartlondon”; tweetmeme alias=””]

    which I’ve retyped out numerous times (not from word or anywhere else). Does anyone know what the problem could be please? Any help gratefully received. Thank you.



    that doesnt look anything like the code suggested in the first post


    Ok. I’ve just tried [tweetmeme source=”poptartlondon”] and it’s still not working.



    when the official announcement and the documentation for this feature is coming ?



    Good question that only Staff can answer. Hopefully the announcement will be made soon and the support documentation for short codes will be updated to include the tweetmeme shortcode.



    I’m a little confused, TT can you help me out please?

    [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name”

    Does the pernalink to my post go in or if I want to add the meme
    to my blogs home page do I simply add the URL for my blog?
    I’ve read all the replies in the thread, but just want to be clear before I try to add it?
    Also would it be redundant to use the tweetmeme if I’m using GetSocial Live?

    P.S. Do you need any special



    As a test I hit the retweet on my post, now instead of showing retweet it shows tweeted,
    will it appear as such to readers?




    Now I’m noticing I added the code [tweetmeme source=”joer223” only_single=false] at the beginning of another post, and it say “tweeted” where it should say “retweet” Should the code only be added at the end of a post in order for it t show “retweet?




    Dang! no matted where I put the code it’s showing tweeted, on all posts…(scratches head)



    When you see Volunteers answering support questions but not answering yours then this is an indication we do not have a solution for you. We post only is we know we have correct answers to share. I do not use this shortcode. I cannot help.

    I have flagged the thread for Staff and requested that they include it among the shortcodes in support documentation shortcode and provide specific support documentation for this shortcode. It’s month end at work. I am swamped. I do not have time to test this shortcode for you. I can do no more.

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