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Here's how to add a Tweetmeme button to your blog posts. w/o plugins or long cod

  1. I would just like to share this knowledge with anyone who isn't aware.

    It seems that not many people are aware of this, but has implemented the Tweetmeme code onto their site. So to use it, all you need to do is use this shortcode:


    *if would like to specify you twitter name, include this: source=”your_twitter_name” (Keep the quotes)
    In that case, it should look like this: [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name”

    *If you would like for the button to appear on the home page and not not only the single post view, the add this: only_single=false

    Altogether, it looks like this: [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” only_single=false

    Hope this helps someone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. freshcookiez

    thanks, I have you on my blog surfer and I saw the code and it works great.

    Just a note, I dont think you have to include the post link. When I tried it all I did was the [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name”] and the post link automatically was added.

    hope u get what I mean

  3. Thanks! I didn't know about this new feature!

  4. very useful, thanks a lot...

  5. @ lolavibe oh wow really? haha thanks for telling me that. I wasn't aware of that. saves me some time.

    and to everyone else you're very welcome! I'm glad u found it helpful!

  6. Thanks I bookmarked this thread for future reference.

  7. I seem to be missing something. Where would I put this code?

  8. I don't get it either. I'm back on WordPress after several-year hiatus. My blog is hosted on WordPress. This sounds like it would still work even if I don't host my own blog. But I tried entering the HTML into one of my posts and it's not working ...

  9. Ah, never mind -- I got it to work! writeronboard, you have to leave the brackets ON. I tried to insert the code without the brackets. So freshcookiezblog is correct, it's like this: [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” I inserted the HTML near the end of my post, and the retweet is also at the end ...

  10. You can post the entire complete code on the forum between backticks. The backtick is found on the same key as the ~ only in lower case. The way to do it is like this
    post the code

  11. Don't laugh, but I know nothing about code. Where exactly do I paste the code on the CSS?


  12. You don't. You put it in your post.

  13. Thank you so much for posting this - and for all the follow ups - that helped a novice like me use such a great little tool

  14. When I used that code my twitter name did not appeared. Then I used this one and that works perfectly for all of our needs.

    [tweetmeme source= 'yourtwittername' only_single=false]

    That code creates a link of the page automatically and you can see your twiiter name on that retweet also with this code your retweet button will appear at your home page and the page of the post.

  15. cpekyorur: make sure u include the quotation marks. so it should be
    [tweetmeme source= "yourtwittername" only_single=false] *with the quotes include*

  16. oops it should be like this:

    '[tweetmeme source="yourtwittername" only_single=false]'

  17. wow, it works! thx.
    but i am wondering, can i erase the with background there? cause i use black in my background color.. thx.

  18. can somebody explain to me why there is writen "Tweeted" instead of "Retweet"? because the button can only used once..

  19. im sorry i forgot the link, here it is


  20. @farhanvsgnk

    If you have set your blog up to automatically post to twitter when you publish the post, then the button says tweeted.

    If you are logged into Twitter, log out and check the button on your post.

    when I looked at your link the button says Retweet so its working fine

  21. Does anyone know how to include the title of the blog post to be passed in addition to your name and link into Twitter via the Tweetmeme button?

  22. @alexcalic
    Please post the URL for the blog you are referring to so you can receive an answer that's for the software your blog is running on.

  23. Then read the comment by lolavibe directly above yours.

  24. timethief- figured out the problem- I was trying to set it up for an unpublished post. Got it working for the live ones. One more question though- is there a parameter for the Tweetmembutton that allows me to left justify it or can it only be right justified?

  25. Thanks, freshcookiezblog. Good to know. Out of curiousity - how on this green earth did you discover that was supporting this new short code?? When I put 'tweetmeme' into the Support search box, I don't get any hits except for those on the discussion forum...

  26. I'm not speaking for freshcookiezblog but I am aware that this was published last October >

  27. Timethief - the post you point to advises you to alter your functions.php file, but as far as I can figure you can't do this as a no-frills user. however I am sure that the mysteries of short codes will be revealed when I am ready for them.... oo

  28. Yes that post is for bloggers and I have been waiting since then to see it at I don't know where freshcookiezblog got the shortcode from. Maybe it was from Staff. When she posts again we will know the answer. :)

  29. Strange. All I do is add the shortcode [tweetmeme] to the top of my posts and it seems to work as intended. It reports how many times the post has been Tweeted etc. Am I missing additional features by not including the switches in the prefix ?

  30. very useful thank u


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