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    Hi, I just launched yesterday my blog with the amazing hero theme. However I had just 24-hours of enthusiasm.

    Yesterday I could see the slider (constituted by featured post (labeled with the tag “copertina” ) both as a logged-in user and a non-wordpress reader.

    today (I didn’t change any setting) it is happening something weird: if I am logged in, I see the slider of the posts (setted with featured image and feature content tag and with the HomePage related to a specific page as suggested in the template tutorial), however if I am not logged in, simply I do not see the slides anymore. There is an empty space.

    I hope it will be possible to sort out this problem, however I will have to choose another template…I like so much “Hero” ;)

    The blog I need help with is ilfranchisingimmobiliare.com.



    i have a similar problem with oxygen theme

    when NOT logged in, the slider is not moving and the slideshows are not visible (message: needs javascript)



    my blog:



    Same issue with pink touch 2 theme, so I don’t think the theme is the issue.


    From the look of it this has been a recurring problem for the last year! :-/



    Hi all! The developers have fixed the issue with sliders not appearing/functioning when logged out. Please ensure you clear your browser cache, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience further problems. Cheers!

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