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Hero template: I see only one post

  1. Hi sixhours. Thanks again, your service is good and fast :)

    Both solutions work fine. It's getting better and better.

    Is there a possibility to set defaults for media that you don't want any comments? I can't find it at the settings. Or do I have to change this for each photo I upload?

    In the mean time I have been working on my blog and I find another small issue. In the Hero theme I have 3 home promos I can enter by linking a tag. I have a promo 1, promo 2 and promo 3 box where I can link a tag. I expect Promo 1 to be the 1st promo on the screen (left), promo 2 to be in the middle and promo 3 on the right.
    This doesn't work like this. It looks like the order on the screen has something to do with the order in uploading the post.

    Could you make that more logic please?


  2. There is not a set default for just media attachments, I'm afraid. As a workaround, you can disable all comments under Settings -> Discussion, upload any media, and the attachments will inherit the global "no comments" setting. Then re-enable comments once you've finished uploading everything.

    Hmm, that's definitely not intuitive. I've submitted a ticket and we'll take a look! In the meantime, the posts are ordered by date, most recent first -- to change the order, you can edit each post's date slightly. Not ideal, but this should work until we have a fix.

  3. @sixhours: Thanks for info. Thanks for help! Case solved. :)

  4. Hey, I have just trying to set up using the hero theme. I have set the tag to 'feature' and then tagged my post with 'feature' however the featured slider is not showing. Is there still an issue with the featured slider on the hero theme?

  5. Hi kerrib100,

    Can you start a new topic for your question and a link to your blog that's running the Hero theme? Thanks!

  6. kerrib, donĀ“t forget to set featured image in the post editing screen

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