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Hey all...

  1. Back, kinda.
    Took two months+ off, life was getting too busy, and I was perhaps a little too focused on my blog - it became work. Now, that's fine if it's earning you an income, but when it's supposed to be fun...
    A hiatus has done me well, and I have time now - so I'm back. But this time a lil' less focused on getting stuff up daily, but getting stuff out that I want to comment on (NBA, sports et al).

    Funnily enough... my blog averaged about 1k hits daily, even when I was gone, with no updates at all. Who said sports fans are fickle? Go figure...

  2. Welcome back, I am not a fan of U.S. sports but it's a attractive blog and I.M.H.O. deserves it's success :)

  3. Thanks gentledove, are all the old regulars still around?

  4. hey withmalice... some of us are still around. :)

  5. The oldies and alot of nice new people the ol' nag still pops in

  6. The ol' nag... I hesitate to think who that might be...

  7. He usually pops up when people say hey [hay] his nose bag at the ready

  8. Welcome! back withmalice, :)

  9. Wondered what had happened to you. Fans can take it hard when their team loses...I didn't want to ask!

  10. I was wondering where you were! Good to see you back. I've been blogging a lot less as well lately. Definitely agree on the hiatus thing and work analogy. A good recharge of the batteries is in order every so often I suppose.

    Ha - look at me. Purporting to give advice. Why just a year ago I was first conversing with you, Rain, and Sulz here (actually a year to the day, to be exact).

    Welcome back...and just in time for NBA season!

    So who will it be this year? Celtics? Lakers?

  11. Welcome back, WithMalice. I'm glad you enjoyed your time away, but happy to see you are back. :)

  12. Kevin, the ol' nag
    Don't you call horses nags in the U.S.?

  13. Aaaah... pun. I'm not in the US dove!

    I'm not sure kstaff - be hard to look past those two making it again tho'!

    All good on that Rain - LA are a year or two ahead of schedule. Just got very, very busy.
    Good to be back tho', and as I stated: will be having a slightly more relaxed approach to blogging.

  14. Small announcement regarding my blog...
    Soon, I (well... my blog) shall be departing wordpress. I'll still visit here from time-to-time, but I've been invited to join an association of NBA bloggers - rather exciting. Should increase overall hits, and ... *ahem* add revenue.

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