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Hi, from a new comer :)

  1. Hi everyone! I am new here ,from Malaysia.

    I would like to have some feedbacks and suggestion from anyone of you. Was visited to many great blogs before and they are amazing.

    beside, any good theme's suggestion? I am posting photos more than words. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello neighbor I'm from Pakistan. Have a warm welcome. I'm confused about choosing the right theme too.

  3. kennethmarkhoover

    I think it looks good so far. Welcome to the forum! :)

  4. thanks and nice to meet you all :)

  5. Welcome to WordPress! Love the photographs. Keep it up!

  6. @valpixels

    beside, any good theme's suggestion?

    Have you considered using either Autofocus or Imbalance 2?
    Autofocus theme introduction
    Autofocus theme live demo site
    Imbalance 2 theme introduction
    Autofocus theme live demo site

    There are other themes for photoblogging and under the photography tag in the Themes Showcase you can examine.

  7. thank you very much timethief, i will try them out, thanks

  8. I think that your site looks great so far. the pictures are very beautiful.

  9. @valpixels
    I agree with vegancharlie. Your photos are gorgeous.

  10. thanks everyone :D

  11. Another vote from me! Lovely!

  12. i have tried theme imbalance2 and autofocus, another great themes, but i would prefer the theme i am using, theme structure, maybe I feel it more suitable for me :D

    thanks anyway. will be more photos coming.

  13. aaroncohenphotography

    I love your photos!
    I am a WordPress photoblogger too. You have a real talent!
    I have tried iTheme2 and Twenty Eleven but i have found that Twenty Ten works just fine for me.-

  14. @valpixels
    I think the Structure theme and your blog content go every well together. :)

  15. Thanks guys, was came back from a short trip to other state yesterday, some photos will be uploaded.
    @timethief, yes I like this structure theme, it's clean and easy to browse.

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