Hi, I need help gaining access to my G S

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    Hi, I need help gaining access to my G Suite account. Google has directed me to contact wordpress since wordpress is the reseller for my email domain. I own crossfitredzone.com and need to add licenses to it for more email addresses.


    Hi there,

    We’d be happy to help, but can you contact us from the account that purchased the G Suite upgrade – we need to verify ownership before proceeding with looking into the issue.

    Feel free to post in this thread under that WordPress.com account.



    This should be the account that purchased the G Suite. The address I need to manage is crossfitredzone.com. I own the domain crossfitredzone.com. My issue is I hired a company to set up my website and host it. They set up my g suite as well. They were not doing their job and I had to fire them. So I am now trying to fix what they didn’t do, and add some new email addresses. I already spoke with google and they see that I do in fact own the domain and the emails, (email redacted), (email redacted), and (email redacted)



    Are you able to log in as crossfitredzone and contact us through that account?


    This account?



    That’s it! Are you able to access your gsuite details now? If you need more help, we can email, too.


    No there is no information on any domains on this account either. I checked all three of my wordpress accounts. The only one that has any information at all is (email redacted) with the domain crossfitredredzone.wordpress.com but that’s my old site from 2012.



    Oh, I didn’t notice the extra numbers after your username, so this isn’t the correct account after all. Can you log in with the email you mentioned, then respond here?



    Here’s what’s going on and what we can do:

    Usually you would manage emails through your domain settings, but you no longer have a domain with us. Only the emails are still active through us, and there’s no great way to manage them since you’d usually manage them through your domain.

    So if you’ll respond from the correct account with confirmation, we’ll transfer your Gsuite account directly to Google, so you can add new emails and what not through them.


    Which account? Sorry I’ve lost track of which one you need me to respond from.


    I have this one that I logged into using (email redacted) (which is the one on g suite that I need to be able to manage) or I have the other that I was just using which the login is (email redacted)



    Hi there,

    To manage your G Suite account you need be logged in as crossfitredzone. None of the emails your provided is associated with that account though.

    However, since you purchased the G Suite under that account providing us with the transaction ID for it would prove that you’re the account owner and then we can help you access it. Here’s how to retrieve the transaction ID:


    Please do not post the ID in this public forum. Just let us know that you’ve found it and we’ll contact you privately.


    I am confused, I used my user name crossfitredzone to log in but it’s not the right account? I own and have access to both (email redacted), (email redacted), kris@crossfitredzone, and (email redacted)
    I had to fire the people the set up my old website and g-suite and now just need access to my g-suite. Google can’t help me cause they said you’re my reseller. This is my business email and I need access, the people that set up my g-suite, that I fired, are not helping me. There must be a work around since I own these domains.


    Hi –

    You’ve found the right account. The account of crossfitredzone actually owns the G Suite upgrade you’ve been trying to sort out.

    There are 2 G Suite licenses and they do not expire until 2018-12-23. Can you see that information at wordpress.com/me/purchases?


    Thank you! Yes i see it now. How do I add licenses now? Can we just transfer my account to google?



    Go to My Site ->Domains ->Email. You should see the option to add additional licenses there.

    If you’d prefer to manage this account directly with Google going forward, we can cancel the subscription on our end. That will not cancel your G Suite account itself, but will remove it from our reseller account. You should then receive an email from Google with information on how to set up a new billing agreement with them.

    Once we do this there is no way to transfer the account back to us, so please confirm if you want us to proceed with this.


    Yes please transfer my account to Google. thank you for all your help



    We have removed your G Suite subscription on our end and you’ll be contacted by Google with information on how to continue managing it with them.

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