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Hi there! You seem to be lost.

  1. "Hi there! You seem to be lost." Why do I receive this message whenever I log into my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the blog you are asking about?

    If you are concerned about another blog, please post a link starting with:

  3. No thats the blog am talking about - My blog
    On the home page it shows

    Hi there! You seem to be lost.
    The address you tried going to doesn’t exist on our blog. Don’t worry. It’s possible that the page you’re looking for has been moved to a different address or you may have mis-typed the address.

    Perhaps searching will help.

  4. That's a 404 page not found message. Typically when a blogger starts a new blog they delete the Hello World placeholder post and that message then displays as there are not posts to be displayed. As soon as one publishes a post that message disappears. Anytime a blogger deletes a post or a page and someone else clicks the link to it that message will display as the page or post no longer exists.

  5. I really dont delete post or page on my blog as all I do is publish. That message only started to show yesterday.

  6. There is a Hello World post on every blog here at Will you please post the exact URL starting with http:// that you clicked which resulted in that error message?

  7. Did you delete that post? Or is that post still appearing in your All Posts page when you use the date filter? http://

  8. There is a post with this title, "Memorable Children Books & Gifts" on your site, your first post it appears like, and the URL of that post is: .

  9. Thanks, but all the posts for April 2009 are still listed. I have checked the trash nothing

  10. Yes, that post is still listed

  11. But thats not the post I see when I log in

  12. That is the only post I can find on your site with this title, "Memorable Children Books & Gifts," and the URL for that post ends in


    not in


    Note also that the date listed in the URL you referenced is 2009/04/04 and in post I reference it is 2009/04/03 .

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