hi. unable to log in to my account

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    looking to speak with technical help



    You seem to be logged into your account right now, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to post here. :)

    What is the URL of the site you’re trying to log into?


    Hi there,

    Is https://kymhammond.com.au/ the site you need help with?

    If it is, that site belongs to a different account.

    Please log out of the arggohammond account, then try logging in with the username kymhammond.

    When logging in, please do not use the “Connect with Google” option – only enter kymhammond as the username along with the password for that account.

    You appear to have multiple WordPress.com accounts and have experienced this login issue before in a separate thread.

    To avoid this problem from occuring again in the future, I would recommend closing the arggohammond account if you don’t plan on using it.

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