Hidden and domain mapped blogs in Press This

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    1. Is there a way to not see my hidden blogs in the drop down menu on the Press This pop up window?

    2. Is it just me, or do domain mapped blogs not show up at all in Press This?
    Blog url: http://emuarchitects.wordpress.com/


    Howdy. All of your WordPress.com blogs should show up in Press This. Which site are you looking for that isn’t showing up?

    The hidden ones will still appear in Press This but hiding those would make a cool future improvement. Thanks for the suggestion.



    Well, I have about a zillion too many blog names reserved… which was another suggestion I made – the ability to put some of them up as ‘Available for Transfer’ (instead of deleting them)… but back to the subject – my emuarchitects.com doesn’t seem to show up for some reason.
    Thanks, Mariana


    That custom domain shows up in Press This for me. It won’t show as the custom domain name but instead shows as just “emuarchitects.” It’s between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way down your blog list in Press This.



    yeah, um… ok now it’s there… but I swear I’m not crazy – it really wasn’t earlier. I even had someone else look for me.

    thanks? sorry to waste your time!


    No worries, glad it’s there now. :)

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