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  1. I have a weird one - I am not able to "see" all my blogs under My Blogs. Some time ago, I designated a couple of blogs as "hidden," I think that was the term. I don't use them day to day. But in the past, I was always able to find them on my dashboard. Now, when I go to My Blogs, only the blogs I marked as viewable show up. How do I get to the old list of all my blogs? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2.!/my-blogs/ At the top of the My Blogs page are filters. These allow you to view all your blogs, only blogs that are visible on your Dashboard, or only blogs that are hidden on your Dashboard. The number of blogs you have of each type is shown next to each filter:

  3. Thanks Timethief, you're always so helpful. But the old dashboard used to do that. My dashboard now doesn't look like the dashboard on the support link you provided. I was used to that one. Does your dashboard have all those links still? Mine doesn't seem to. I'm probably just being a dunce, but honestly, that configuration is no longer there for me.

  4. Rats! That's a double http:// above - b0rked link!

    Here we go again

  5. Solved, and I so appreciate it. Thank you. You're magic. (and I'm obviously still learning)

  6. I'm happy to help and best wishes with your blog.

  7. armanketigabelas

    nice timethief.. thanks for giving us your time ^^

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