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"Hidden Blogs" Not Showing Up on Manage My Blogs page

  1. Hello,

    Within the last couple of days the blogs which I had marked "hidden" on the Manage My Blogs page seem to have disappeared completely from that page. I can still access one of them through the comments section. Is this an accident or intentional? Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Please post the URLs starting with http:// for the blogs that have disappeared.

  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to answer. There are several blogs which I had wanted to delete anyway. I'm being stalked and don't want to publish the URL on a public forum. Thanks for your help.

  4. thistimethisspace

    This is to let you know that I have flagged this thread fir Staff attention.

  5. When you hide a blog in My Blogs, it just removes it from your list.

    To hide a blog from everyone, you need to make it Private via Settings -> Privacy in the blog's Dashboard.

  6. Thanks for the reply, macmanx. There used to be a button on the main page which led to the hidden blogs and I can't seem to find it now. Did you remove that option when you changed the graphics?

    Thanks for the tips. I'll try to change the privacy settings.

  7. Yes, the Hidden Blogs link seems to have disappeared from the My Blogs tab.

    For now, you can get there via

  8. If you go to /wp-admin/index.php?page=my-blogs in your dashboard it will show both hidden and visible and there is a link at the top to show just the hidden or visible.

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