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    I am using Emire Theme (http://jessicahalem.com/) and having a header jpg instead of a header title. I’ve got the name of my title in my options and input some CSS to hide it on the site. When I bookmark it it shows up as the URL but I’m getting “(title unknown)” for my RSS Feed…which I would really like have show up as “Jessica Halem”.

    I’m super slow when it comes to CSS, etc. But doesn’t someone have some way for me to add some CSS to the end of my stylesheet so the name will show up in the feed title?

    Forever in your debt,


    Wait for a half-hour or so. I just looked at your feed and it says, Jessica Halem, not title unknown. I think everything is fine.



    funny…a few things take a long time to show up and some change right away. thanks!

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