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    I’ve had a couple of comments in categories, but the posted comment is not seen. However this is noted:
    1 comment so far , edit post
    You must then click on the ‘1 comment link’ in order to see the comment. My readers have found this confusing. Is it possible to just see the comment without having to activate it?


    The main page of a blog will not show the comments, this is normal design for blogs. To get to the single-post page where the comments are, typically you either click on “comments” link or on the title of the post.

    If you think about it, if you had a post with 50 comments on it, how long would it take to scroll down so that you could get to the next post? Now, what if you had ten posts on your front page, and each of them had 25 to 50 comments? People would get tired of scrolling quickly.



    Actually, these are comments under a category heading (on sidebar), and not on a front page. Does you answer still apply/


    Yes, typically in category view, it will show only excerpts although some themes will show the entire post, but in most cases without the comments.



    so in my Regulus theme, it may be that in a comment under a category my not display the domment until the comment link is activated?—-the confusion is that in some other blogs, I see comments shown when you click on a category????


    Each theme can be different as to how it handles category view and such. You might try out some other themes and see. The one thing to remember is that some wordpress blogs are self-hosted using different software than we do here and they have a lot more freedom to customize and change things.

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