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    I saw another thread that was closed around this topic. From a usability perspective, the way you have to find out what it costs for upgrades is horrible. One point called out in the other comment thread is that you can’t find “upgrade” from your dashboard unless you have already created a free account. I am deciding whether I want to use WordPress or not. Forcing me to create a free blog so I can get information to help me decide if I want to create a premium blog is a waste of my time. And forcing me to dig down into your support comments logs to figure that out is an even worse waste of my time.

    Suggestion: Add content to your site that displays upgrade costs that is accessible without having first created a free blog. (or) Add content to your existing pages on upgrades that states that until you create a free blog, you can not find, anywhere, what it would cost.




    I just logged out of wordpress and went to the main support page and you can see the upgrade section at the bottom which links to the individual options. There are also links to the free and premium features at the bottom of the wordpress home page. It appears that the CSS upgrade support page is the only one that mentions the price though so I agree that this could be made clearer for new users before they sign up.

    There is the option of signing up for an account only where you do not have to create a blog, I’m not sure if this helps you get more information on the upgrade prices though.



    The upgrade pricing is tough to find – I agree that the information should be easier to find. even after I started my blog I still had trouble finding the upgrade info.



    The support docs are vastly improved, but still could use a better structure. It either needs a better, more accurate search or a better structure so people can find things.



    The .ORG docs have some big rough spots, I have referenced doc’s here many times when they are better and have screen shots of what to do.

    The sad truth is that support doc’s are not sexy to do and thus get skipped over much of the time. I have been beaten real bad when I have written some doc’s and I was trying to get things explained well and boss did not want that much time spent – better to reinvent the wheel each time you have a problem that write good instructions



    Yep, it does take time. But it’s an investment, because overall it saves SO much time.


    I think people are so used to finding virtually nothing of help in support sections around the web, that they don’t even bother to look because of past experience. WordPress.COM is different. It has an incredible support section with virtually every answer one could possibly need for normal stuff they encounter or want to do.

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