Hidden slideshow frame on home page display of recent blog posts.

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    I switched to Twenty Eleven from Duster theme just 2 weeks ago.

    I just noticed that any blog post with automatic slideshow code, appears as a thick black line…when the blog post is listed as the latest blog posts on the home page.

    When the blog post is opened up, then one can see the slideshow.

    With “Duster” theme, this was never a problem on the front page list/display of recent blog posts: one could see the running slide show frame in full.

    example is this blog post: http://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/cherry-blossom-ballet-in-vancouver-nature-and-new-mural-art/ which looks fine. But go back to my “Home” page and now you can’t see the slideshow.

    How can I solve this problem

    The blog I need help with is cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com.


    It looks fine to me. I can see the slideshow for the post you gave a link to on its own page and on the front page of recent posts. Try clearing your cache then logging back in. If that doesn’t work, maybe try using a different browser or, update your current one. Also, if you’re using a browser (like Firefox) that has add ons, disabling them and seeing if that makes any difference sometimes helps. If it does, then enable them one at a time to see which is the problem one.



    Your home page is displaying too many objects: if you don’t have a fast connection, or if you have a temporary connection problem, the browser may time out before loading the slideshow. You should set a very low number of posts per page (in Settings > Reading) and/or use the read-more tag to truncate the posts.



    Thanks for the advice. It corrected the problem. I’ll have to think about (later) choosing another theme that will show /entice readers more of my older photos which has photos and where I spent a considerable of time writing post, embedding photos.

    The quest for a perfect theme.

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