hide a widget in a given page, twenty ten theme

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    can i hide a widget in a given page?


    i´d like to hide the “company” widget in that page, but not to hide the hole “side bar”. and i would like to maintain that widget in the other pages.

    can it be done? or i can only make disappear things in a given page if they are listed on the “body” tag?

    thanks a lot!

    after two hours trying by my self i thought i needed some helping hand. :0

    The blog I need help with is davidfernandez.org.



    my first success using css!!

    after 6 hours trying i did it:

    .page-id-47 div#primary {

    for a given page you get the “page-id…” or whatever from the “body class”

    and for the widgets you write “primary” for the first, “secondary” for the second, etc.

    also thanks to


    i congratulate my self.


    Good job!

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