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Hide all statistics for a predefined time

  1. I really felt addicted to look at my stats. I think for the welfare and health of any blogger it should be possible, that a blogger can hide the stats from himself for a time, he can specify. No visible stats anywhere, for the chosen duration.

    Another solution might be, that a user can limit himself the times he is allowed to view the stats, say twice a week. Or so. But I guess the former is easier to implement.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What happened to self control?

  3. Nothing?!? I mean I'm working on it. Haven't watched the stats page for more than two weeks now.

    But it would be less daunting if I really couldn't look at it.

    Same as self control in stop smoking. I had to keep out of places where people were smoking.

    It makes it easier. And when you are sober for some time, you can hang out with them again, without feeling stressed out.

  4. I have a couple of sites - my main site I check several times a day if I am around a computer - my history site - maybe once or twice a week - I Admin for a friends retired gone sailing site and I look at the stats there maybe once a day - or the day or two after I put a new Post up for them - just depends - some people can look at stats and not have a problem and others should never look at them at all -

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