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hide banner text??

  1. Hey..
    As you can see on my blog i have a costum headbanner..
    But I cannot remove the main tekst "Sloane community" written in white..
    Isn't it possible?

    - Peter

    BTW. bloglink:

  2. Go to your dashboard and then options. The first option is "blog title" (or similar). In there remove what's there and put in


    This will put a space in the blog title and nothing will show.

    Worked for me on my test blog anyway.


  3. That's going to muck things up elsewhere though. Title bar, RSS feeds, etc.

    Look at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Custom Header Image (Where you uploaded your header.) You should see a button labeled 'Hide Text'. I had to press it twice before it paid attention but it'll remove the Blog's title from your header. (the white text you mention.) Just make sure you clikc on Save Changes.

    Hope this helps,

  4. #drmike

    Yes I know, but that button doesnt work.. That's the problem.

    But I'll try Collin sugestion, then I'll see if it works..

    Thank you both for your help..


  5. Hey Collin,
    It doesnt work..

    "Webblog title: & nbsp; sloane community" (without the 'space')

    Like that!? - It doesnt work for me..

  6. Hey Dr Mike

    I have solved the problem. The bottun only didn't work because I use "mozilla Firefox". When I tried it in "Internet Explore" it removed the title.


  7. so that's why i couldn't press my hide text button - i'm using firefox too. maybe wp should take a note on this?

  8. Yes, there are several problems with using firefox, but stil i like it better..
    But if you have a problem, just try with explore :)

  9. Strange. I use Netscape 7.2 here (North Carolina state owned PC that's pretty much locked down to new programs being installed) It worked for me finally after i hit the button a couple of times.

  10. Not for me.. My mouse is almost broken ;)
    But in Explore it works just fine..

  11. How can you get custom blog templates other than the ones offered
    in our dashboard. I'm referring to blogs hosted on, not at
    our own site. I looked at Sloane's blog. It's hosted here, and he has
    a different template than the ones in our dash. :(

  12. Who is Sloan?

    Have you read the Terms of Service?

  13. Sloan as the original poster in this thread.

    Sloan is using the Blix theme with a custom header image.` It's in there.

  14. drmike click on netservice and you'll see what podz is referring to.

  15. "E" - SloanE ;)
    Is there anything speciel about my blog? I just think I use the best of wordpress as possible..

  16. TT, yeah I know. I mentioned it to Podz yesterday.

    SloanE, no. I think you were just being used as an example. :)

  17. Oh okay Mike.. I just thought my blog was something special ;) Hehe, but you cannot read anything of what it says anyway :-P

  18. hi guys,

    i tried cornell's suggestion regarding hiding the txt in the header by putting & n b s p ; instead of your blog title in the options menu and it worked fine for me. i'm also using firefox and there's no problem.

  19. Only probably with that Jen would be you blank out your blog's title in your browser's title bar. If you can live with that, go for it. :)

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