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Hide black background for slide show in Imbalance 2

  1. Is it possible to hide the black background for slide show in Imbalance 2? I'd like for my portfolio pix to lay on clean white pages. Can I do this without CSS or do I need to step up to the plate and learn CSS? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've used this in other themes and see no reason that it won't work in Imbalance 2:

    No CSS necessary.

  3. Wow! Thank you for the quick response. This did work as you suggested to remove the big black background of the slide show. It still leaves a black line under the images, but just a couple px thick, so I can live with it. I am astonished at the goodwill of the WordPress community to help wannabe's like me.

  4. Sorry that I don't remember but I think I have adjusted the code to get rid of the line. in one theme or another. (Volunteering here means I use several test blogs to experiment on so I've worked at least a little in most of the free themes.

    I've been considering a move to another platform, but I agree that as things are, these help forums on have to be the best on the internet!

  5. @gerrisayler: as my post says, the values in the code might need adjusting. If you get a line under the images, increase the height value.

  6. Yes !!! I added 10 px to the height, and the black line disappeared from what was left of the black background to the slide show. Brilliant. Thanks again.

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