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Hide Blog Title in Greyzed theme

  1. I'm redesigning my current blog using the Greyzed theme (at this private URL until I'm ready to launch ). I replaced the full header/bg image file with a new custom header ("bg1.jpg"). I used the following in the custom CSS entry, which works great:

    #wrapper {
    background:url('') top center no-repeat;

    Now I'm just trying to hide the text-based blog title. I'm using the following in the custom CSS entry:

    h1 {
    display: none;

    That successfully removes the blog title for me; however, it also removes the "stay updated via rss" text, which I wanted to remain. Help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is still there it's just hidden because it gets moved up to the top and is the same colour as the background. This code will shunt it down a little bit:

    #header .rss {margin-top:100px;}

  3. Alternative:

    #header h1 a, #header .description { display:none; }

  4. Thanks. But actually, that ends up pushing the entire header image down, instead of just moving the rss text only. Leaves me with an inch of grey space above the header image.


  5. >>Alternative: #header h1 a, #header .description { display:none; }

    Getting warmer! Accomplishes hiding the title AND retaining the "stay updated via rss" - but still leaves the rss text hangin' a little high...

  6. Nevermind - I forgot to combine that alternative with #header .rss {margin-top:100px;}

    The combo of both of your suggestions works perfectly. Thanks so much!!!

  7. how do i remove the descriptor "Just another word press blog" from my greyzed theme blog?

  8. @youthfest11, it appears that you found your solution and changed it.

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