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    I need help with hiding the blog title from my site. I want to keep the blog title, so that my site is listed with a proper name. But I don’t want it to show up on the site. (I DO want to keep the tagline.)

    I have the CSS upgrade, although I’m not great with knowing how to use it. The theme is Inuit Types. URL: http://www.dainabethsolomon.com

    I’ve looked through a BUNCH of forums, and have tried various things. Nothing’s worked. :( Any help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is dainabethsolomon.com.



    Never mind! Somehow the CSS worked. I used this code:

    .blog-title {

    I hope it’s the best way to do it?



    Daina Beth,
    Yes, you’ve done it right!

    Alternatively, you COULD keep the title and then pop it up on top of all your other code, and float it down onto the image so it’s still readable. It requires a bit more coding than your title image. It’s up to you. I see you have given your image a good alternative text field (lotusland chronicles) so screen readers will still read it correctly.

    If you want to do the alternative (keep the title and just move it), give this a try (delete from your title the pipe and everything after it, so it just reads “The Lotusland Chronicles”):

    .blog-title {
        padding-left: 25px;
        position: relative;
        top: 200px;
        z-index: 10;
    #header {
      padding-top: none;

    You’ll have to also upload an image without the text on it, and you’ll want to set the font of the title in Dashboard/Appearance/Custom Design/Fonts.

    To explain a little bit of what you’re doing: the z-index is this interesting attribute that layers your CSS. We tend to think of how CSS/HTML works as a bunch of square boats floating in a rectangle. They can’t really overlap, and they force each other to move depending on their own position. The z-index is like a crane that picks up one of the little boats and suspends it over the others. Looking down from above, as we are, we don’t see the depth, but we do see thing one item not being affected by the flow of the rest of the page. Z-index should always be used sparingly because it’s easy to get muddled.

    Good luck!



    Very cool. The only potential issue with that technique seems to be that it leaves a wide gap on the top of the page where the title used to be. Would there be a way to fix that?

    Anyway, I’m very glad to learn about more possibilities with CSS, and thanks for explaining Z-index!

    I also wonder if there’s a way to have the title show up on individual pages, but not on the home page? That would be nice.



    The padding on the #header is currently set to top: 30px, so you’d want to shorten that up – I suggested above setting it to 0px, but you can go negative, too. It’s up to you! Try that code, and see what you think first.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible to have the title show on individual pages and not the home page – if I were you, I would start a new post with that as the subject. You’ll quickly find people who can tell you!

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