Hide Categories, Date & Time information for posts using CSS

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    I am using the On Demand theme for my wordpress.com hosted website infusionnow.org or infusionnow.wordpress.com. I NEED to hide the CATEGORY information along with the DATE & TIME stamp for all posts. I have purchased the paid upgrade bundle, which includes CSS customization; however, with my incredibly limited knowledge of CSS, I have been able to create the desired results. The limited examples I have been able to find thus far do not seem to work. I cannot remove the categories because the front page featured images are based on categories, and the time & date stamp is a default setting for all wordpress.com posts. I have been unable to find a setting that keep it from displaying (I know how to change the date and time of a post – I need to hide it). If someone could provide me with the CSS coding that would hide the category information along with the date and time stamp for all pages – or at least the home page, that would be fantastic.

    Within the CSS editor, under the Publish menu to the right of the editor, Preprocessor is none, Mode is add on, mobile compatible is none, content width 635.

    Help please :)

    The blog I need help with is infusionnow.org.

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