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    I’m currently not using the commenting feature on my blog.
    I wish there would be an option to hide the word “comments off”. It’s just obvious that the comments are not allowed since there’s no comment box.
    Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is hindiakoto.wordpress.com.



    Hi. That’s part of the Choco theme. If you have the CSS Upgrade and know the CSS language, you might be able to remove entirely the comment mention: (“Comments off”, “Leave a comment”, “1 comment”, etc.). Apparently it’s all or nothing:

    Just my two cents here: it is very inconvenient to have to use a form on the sidebar and have to specify the name of the post in order to leave comments. Did you know you could moderate actual comments at your leisure?


    I just don’t want to moderate any comment. I want to receive people’s reaction/comment as an e-mail/letter.

    Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.

    But I wish the Automattic theme will make this available to everyone, not just to those who had a CSS upgrade. Thanks WP!


    You can switch to one of the (few) themes that display no message when comments are deactivated. See here:

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