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  1. Hi-

    My blog:

    I'd like to have comments be an option sometimes, but not all the time. Right now, this is my CSS code:

    p.tagged {

    p.num_comments {

    And as you can see in the blog, when I have comments turned off, you see the words "Comments Off". How can I hide these words for the posts that have comments turned off but leave the "Leave a Comment" words visible for when comments are turned on for other posts?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as I can see, you cannot via CSS. It is all or nothing unless the one remaining CSS guru has an idea, and I haven't seen him in the forums for a day or two (hallluke).

    One way to get the "comments off" to disappear though is to disallow trackbacks/pingbacks under settings > discussion. Since trackbacks/pingbacks are considered a comment, as long as they are allowed, the "comments off" will appear on your blog. Try disabling it and then force refresh a page and see if it disappears.

  3. Thanks, thesacredpath....the trackback thing didn't work. I'll probably just leave comments off for now until I figure out how to pick and choose.

  4. Sorry it didn't work. I seem to remember one of the theme team here saying that if it were turned off, that the "comments off" would disappear. Obviously I am mis-remembering, or perhaps it does not work with all themes.

  5. It should be fairly easy in the Pressrow theme as comment-disabled posts include a span tag while comment-enabled ones just have a link. Try this:

    p.num_comments span {display:none;}

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