hide Featured Image in feed? / expand post in feed?

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    I like using Featured Images for one reason: being able to have a Featured Post slider greeting my readers at the top of my home page.

    However, having the Featured Image replace/hide the actual post in my feed is quite ugly (in my case, I’m sure it works well for other bloggers out there).

    I’m currently using the Ever After theme. To see what I’m talking about, my blog is at http://www.anewlow.net (clicking on “An’L Classics” at the top will open up a page that once showed the entirety of my posts, but now has been reduced to a collection of Featured Images).

    I was previously using the Mystique theme…I was very happy with its handling of Featured Images, but its Featured Post banner was limited to just one post (not an actual slider).

    Is there a way to expand posts in a feed, so that they’re not hidden behind their featured image?

    Or, if this isn’t possible with Ever After…

    Is there a theme out there that would better suite my needs?

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is anewlow.net.

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