Hide "Home" title from homepage?

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    I’d like to hide the title “Home” from the homepage. Do I need to rename it “Welcome to Piper Glen Women’s Club”? – I don’t really want to do that because then I lose “Home” from the top nav.

    I have a feeling that the solution is simple (and I will figure it out on my own as soon as I post this), but I’m stuck.

    The blog I need help with is piperglenwomensclub.com.


    I figured it out. As I suspected I would as soon as I submitted this.
    I changed the page title to Welcome to Piper Glen Women’s Club.
    Then I went to my custom menu and clicked on the page within my custom menu and changed the navigation label to Home.



    But the right thing to do would have been a different one: you don’t include the Welcome page in your menu, you click View All in the Pages module and you add the ready-made Home item you can see there: that’s a link to the blog front, no matter what the blog front or its name.

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