Hide mailto links from spammers?

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    I know there are several ways to do this on a self-hosted site, but was curious if there was a way to do this on WP.com blogs?



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    The best way is to use a contact form, either on a page (on the about page is pretty usual or a contact page) or in a text widget in your sidebar. That way your email address will only be revealed to the person you are responding to, if you choose to do so and all feedback generated by the form goes through Akismet spam filters.




    As an alternative you can supply a disposable email address and change it every month or so. I do this and find that the spam level is acceptable for a month. Some people prefer email to contact forms.



    I should add that I’m trying to do a staff contact list. I’d like to display the emails but don’t want the spammers having a field day. I’ve seen some sites use jquery or other coding to enable a click to view the email address, but obviously I can’t use that. Right now I have it set as the email address is not in plain text the mailto link just says email.



    Nothing is foolproof. Some spammers employ people in third world countries to harvest emails, so JQuery, obscure link names, etc. won’t help.

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