hide my posts from tag surfer?

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    Let’s say I’m a somewhat private person. I don’t mind people randomly stumbling over my blog (which is more of a journal really), but I would like to limit the chances of that happening. That’s why I haven’t been using tags or categories.

    But still, I would like to be able to add some tags, for myself and those who do read my blog without having to make it private. Is there a setting somewhere that would enable me to keep my posts from showing up on tag surfer? And if not, could there be? Pretty please? :)



    I suppose you could report your own blog as Mature, and that will take it off Tag Surfer. Do that while looking at your blog’s front page, under Blog Info on your Admin bar.



    Ok, I gave that a try, thank you.

    Not exactly what I needed, my blog isn’t exactly “primarily adult-related or too mature for a general audience”, but if it does the trick, then ok!

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