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    i´d like to know if it is possible to hide or change the color of the menu bar in twenty ten theme, but ONLY in a given page. so the rest of the pages remain the same, but this one would have the menu bar hidden or with the same color than the text, so it can not be seen.

    is it possible using CSS?

    i would like to hide the menu bar in this page:


    thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is davidfernandez.org.


    On the newer themes here this can be done by targeting the page by the class page ID that is listed in the body tag when you do a view source on the page. Give this a try and it should hide the menu for just this page.

    .page-id-119 #access {
    display: none;


    so simple and effective!!

    thanks a lot, i appreciate a lot your help.



    hi again,

    instead of making disappear the hole menu bar, i was trying to make disappear only some of the options,

    i took a look to “prensa” for instance, in the view source it appears like “menu-item-391”

    so i´ve tryed with this:

    ‘.menu-item-391 #access {

    but it doesn´t work.

    is it possible?

    thanks a lot.


    .menu-item-391 is within the div (a child) of the div with ID #access, so you have to write it like this:

    #access .menu-item-391 {
    display: none;

    amazing! just wonderful.

    thanks a lot one more time.


    You are welcome.


    hi again,

    sorry thesacredpath,

    but i didn´t realize that the item disappears in all the pages, not only in the one i want it to disappear, so how can i target a given page to make menu-item-391 disappear in that page only?



    I’m sorry, that was my mistake as I forgot to limit it to just this one page. Replace what I had given you with this.

    .page-id-119 #access .menu-item-391 {
    display: none;

    oh! i am so lucky… i´ve got what i was looking for in less than 10 hours,
    thank you very very much.



    You are welcome.


    hi again,

    sorry for being so curious and asking so much, but instead of, hiding certain menu-items in a lot of pages;

    could i make using css that some menu-items ONLY appear in a given page?

    so i’d hide all the rest items for that page, and make those new ones appear ONLY in that page… and i don´t have to modify the other 10 pages i have…

    thanks a lot!!

    oh… it would be to modify this page (thesacredpath let me know how to hide the menu-items… but how to make appear new menu-items ONLY in that page?):



    as you can see right now I’ve made disappear the whole menu bar, and I have invented that “menu bar” instead, but I’d rather like to have the normal menubar… but… just with those new menu-items.



    You would have to do the hide on each page on your site. After you once got all the pages they way you wanted, then any new menu items you add will appear on ALL pages. Any you did not want to appear on a particular page would require another trip to the CSS.

    Customizing menus on a page by page basis is a lot of work.


    ok, i will try it.


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