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  1. thehautehousewives

    Okay so my domain was purchased through GoDaddy...but hosted here through WP. I purchased the Search Engine Visibility package from GoDaddy and under my top 10 SEO Checklist it lists I have 142 pages. Now, when I go to "fix" certain pages, it will list links like:


    The problem is, when I go to my WP posts, I only have ONE post which is:

    and NOWHERE can I find those other two links that GoDaddy is supposedly showing and crawling. I've tried blocking those sites (by the way, there's MANY more, about 2 wrong ones per correct WP permalink), by going into my CSS and posting after the <head> this code per GoDaddy:
    but still no changes on GoDaddy's scan...142 pages are still being crawled.

    Can anyone offer some insight or help? This is royalling confusing me :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thehautehousewives

    I guess the "link" option isn't working on here either...the two links that are missing from the beginning portion of my post are:


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