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    I am using INove theme with submenus, but I do not want all sub-pages beeing displayed as submenu (its getting too complex for the reader),

    Is there any per-page method to define if a page shall be included in the menu or not?


    The blog I need help with is jofischer.wordpress.com.



    Yes you can hide sub-pages by determining their ID number and excluding them. Page IDs are in the order the pages were first created in your Dashboard.
    If you would like to keep certain pages from being displayed, you can enter the Page IDs (separated by commas) for the only the pages you want to display. To find the Page ID, go to Pages-> Edit and hover over the title of the page. The status bar of your browser will display a URL with a numeric ID at the end.



    Please ignore my comment above. I loaded my test blog with Inove to check this out. I clicked “menus” and found this:

    * Most Recent
    * View All
    * Search

    # Translate – sub-page 1
    # Welcome – sub-page 1
    # Contact – subpage 1
    # Translate
    # Welcome
    # Popular Posts
    # All Posts
    # Contact

    Select All – Ass to Menu

    All the titles of Pages and sub-pages were were appearing and I could choose which Pages and sub-pages to display or not display.



    YIKES! “Ass” to Menu above was a typo. I meant to type “Add” to Menu
    … :D



    Thanks, timethief!
    That works fine for the custom menu widget, but not for the menu in the header: INove does not support custom menus yet.
    I want to control the contents of the main menu in the header!


    To exclude a page from showing in the top nav menu, you just delete its title. For child pages in parrticular, a) first turn them back into parent pages again, b) copy their URLs and write links to them on the original parent pages.



    Hm, thank you – I understand how your proposal works, but I do not like it very much.
    It would cause pages looking different depending on how they appear in the menu. I prefer a consistent layout instead.

    By the way – may parent pages already now contain links to their child. I do not want to force my readers to navigate the mein menu eacht time they want to navigate inside a complex article.

    So – if instead controlling page-by-page I could say to the INove-Theme “please show parent pages only!”, I would have solved my problems.

    Any more ideas?



    At the moment the only other solution would be changing theme. But staff are updating themes to include the new Custom Menu feature: I guess pretty soon it’ll be available in iNove too.



    Hi, pana-and-so-on (what a weired username!),
    I tried your solution with empty title and it looked not too different when I used <h2> for the inline-title.
    But there is one big backdraw: it is not possible to identitfy the pages without title in the dashboard. There is no glimpse about the content as opposed to window live writer, which showes the first line of content in his object lists.

    Due to this I will be patient and wait for custom menus to be supported by INove.

    Thanks for your contribution!

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