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Hide post on blog

  1. Hi there,

    How can I add a post to my blog, but hide it so that it doesn't show on the main page?


  2. you could change the timestamp to an earlier date before all your other posts.

    you could change your post status to private so that only people who are logged in to wordpress can see it, but not non-wordpressers.

    you could change your post status to draft, you can't see it at the main page at all.

  3. Thanks for that!

  4. Thanks to, but if i put a time before the I began blogin somethjing like 16-01-1600 Then it wouldn't show up.
    What I do is to let it be part of another page.
    Then you don't see it to, but you can use it.

  5. It's probably because you're using the year 1600. Remember that these sit on linus boxes. They date from the 1960's or so.

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