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    I’ve been working on a fan-fiction short story I’d love to post on my blog, but the format would end up making my main page this confusing mess with several versions of the same chapter every day until the end of the story. The way I’m writing it, readers can make a decision at the end of each post, which will effect the following chapters and lead to different endings.

    I’m hoping, with a “Hide Post” option where you create a new post on the dashboard, I could have these follow-up chapters only available if you go through previous posts. I think it would be a much cleaner setup that way, and easier to navigate to the correct post.

    So, it would be something like:

    Post 1: Index
    – This would be visible anywhere on my blog
    – I’d update it with links, “Hidden” from the main page, to each new chapter, so people could start wherever they left off in the story.

    Post 2: Chapter One
    – Visible anywhere
    – Plot options at the end the reader could click on to get to the following chapter

    Post 3-5: Chapter Two, with choice variations
    – “Hidden” and only viewable through clicking on links in Chapter One or the Index.

    I found a plug-in here:


    But it’s for wordpress.org, and can’t be used on WordPress.com.

    Thank you for your time, and take care! :)
    ~ Paige

    The blog I need help with is paigeaddams.wordpress.com.



    Why don’t you just change the dates of the posts, setting them back by, say, ten years, etc and keeping only the posts you want on the front page?



    Lol, I was thinking of that as a possibility as well. I could postpone each set of chapters by a day or two. So day one is the Index and Chapter One, day two is the variations of Chapter Two, day three is the variations of Chapter Three, and so on. I figure, even if it’s still a little bit messy, I could write something at the top of each post like: “This post is part of a series. To make sure you’re returning to where you left off, please see the Index.”

    Thank you for your suggestion Raincoaster! :)

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