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    Hi! i´m newbie here,but i would like to do something i dontknow if its already possible..if dont, please, show me a solution!

    I would like to hide some posts for a time, specialy from a specific category. Its cause i would like to post only for me by moment, and show up after a time… Can i hide a category at all, or some post for a time? In a way that people dont read at main page…something like put security(login password) to otheres read specific things.. its possible?



    I haven’t done this but some people password protect some posts. I don’t know if you can password protect a category though.



    You cannot password protect a category.You can only password protect pages or posts. This has been discussed on the forum recently so typing the words “password protect” into the forum search box will probably be productive.



    Only other thing I can think of is to make certain posts marked Private. That way they don’t show up in the general RSS feed and on your blog but are accessable if you know the URL.

    Either that or make a second blog and password protect that.



    If you want to hide a post for a time, then show up after a time, schedule it to post some time in the future. If you have a category in there that isn’t on the other pages, the category should not show up until the page posts.

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