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    I don’t want side bar in my post pages but i only want it in static page.
    I want side bar at my home page but not on Fashion Designs page. Even though I’ve selected Full-width, No sidebar. It still shows sidebar.
    I don’t know how to get it off.

    The blog I need help with is runningstitches.wordpress.com.


    Go to theme options and enable the sidebar. That will turn on the sidebar globally. You can then turn off the sidebar on static pages that you have created by selecting the “full-width page template for each of those pages.

    With the above, all post related pages (fashion designs, single-post, categories, tags and archives pages will have the sidebar.



    Thank you for your reply but I wanted Side bar on Static pages and not on all post related pages (fashion designs, single-post, categories, tags and archives pages will have the sidebar.)

    Is it possible or not?
    I think it’s not possible.

    I have some questions regarding domain name also. Can I write it here or there is another place for me to write questions regarding Domain names?

    Thank you!!! :)


    Not directly, no it is not, and sorry for misunderstanding.

    It could be done with CSS, but that would require that you purchase the Custom Design Upgrade.


    Go ahead with the domain question.



    My friend made a website at wix.com and then he bought a domain name from domain.com and then he linked his domain name to free wix website.

    Can I also do the same with wordpress or not? Can i buy a domain name and then link it to my free wordpress blog? It is because buying domain from wordpress costs more than buying it from domain.com or other sites.



    I was first trying to build a free website but i built a free blog on wordpress. I wasn’t aware that wordpress was for blogging. I am having some trouble now. I didn’t want a blog. I was just trying to find a free website creator for checking but now i’ve reached far enough to leave my blog. And now i am trying to make this blog look like a website. LOL

    I wanted to keep those dress and accessories for sale and people could purchase it from PayPal as well. But it seems it cannot happen through wordpress.
    I think now i have to built a website at weebly or wix.again :(


    WordPress isn’t just for blogging. WordPress powers some of the top websites on the internet and is growing fast. It is now considered to be one of the best and easiest to use Content Management Systems (CMS) there is. See this for a discussion on how to use wordpress for a website here.

    Here at wordpress.com due to the multi-user nature of this service, there are limits on what we can and cannot do and most of these revolve around security concerns (javascript, flash, etc.).

    If you want to do e-commerce, then you will want to self-host a website on a third-party hosting service such as bluehost, dreamhost, etc., using the software from wordpress.ORG. Figure an overall average monthly cost of around $10 to $25 depending on your requirements.

    See here for the general differences: http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ .

    If you decide to stay here, yes you can have your own domain name, and wordpress domain registration costs are a real deal ($5 per year for the domain name and $12 to map that domain name to your site here).

    If you decide to buy the domain name from a different registrar, you can still map it to your site here.

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