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Hide Site Title In Header?

  1. I'm going to use CSS on the 'Silver is the new Black' theme.
    I know how to use a custom header at this theme now, but how do you remove the title?

  2. Before you buy the CSS upgrade, read the resources here:

    Because basically, you're on your own. There are only a couple of people who ever volunteer CSS help in the forums and they are not around much. You could wait months. And staff won't help you.

    Do NOT buy the upgrade until you know what you're doing with CSS.

  3. @raincoaster
    Thanks, I won't buy it until I know how to do it.
    I will only buy it if everything is changed to what I want. (and that will probably take a long time!)

  4. to remove the title from your header, just go to design< custom image header. Now after you upload your header click hide text.

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