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hide sub-page link on parent page?

  1. My blog is for a lit journal. I'm using the MistyLook theme. One of my parent pages is Archives, under which I have child-page Issue 1. For purposes of writers reviewing their work before I publish it, I want to hide the Issue 1 page (and sub-pages under this) so that no one can get to it without knowing the permalink. So, I hid it from the Pages widget sidebar. But on the Archives parent page, it still says "This page has the following sub-pages", and it links to Issue 1 sub-page. Is there a way to hide this link so that it doesn't say "has the following subpages", etc? Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no direct way to do that, but two ideas come to mind.
    Probably not the best idea:
    Leave the pages as drafts and invite the people who should see those pages to be editors of your blog. You would have to trust these people not to mess with other parts of your blog.
    Maybe a better idea:
    Start a second, but private,blog, put the information you want to remain hidden on that blog. Then invite the people you want to become uses. They'd need to sign up for a account but would not need to have blogs. They would then give you the emails they used to set up those accounts, and they'd be able to read.

  3. to become users, not uses

  4. ok bummer.

    thanks much.

  5. Well, keep checking. Someone more clever than I could very well be along in a minute.

  6. Wait a minute,
    Your archive page is an actual archive template page with an actual link to the blog's archive:

    What happens if you just hide the page under one of your other pages? Give it an odd name so those you don't want to read it won't guess it. My test blog is messed up right now and I'm tired so I don't know how that will actually work.

  7. I'm afraid your only solution is to switch to another theme; Misty Look is one of the mere four themes that automatically create links to subpages in a parent page.

  8. Hey Panos! How are you doing?
    I was thinking my test blog was more messed up than I thought…

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