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    I’m using the Misty Look theme.

    1. How do you hide all the widgets on the sidebar? I can’t delete them at appearance->widgets because it says I don’t have any widgets. When I do add a widget, it shows just that one widget on the sidebar and the original ones disappear. I actually don’t want the sidebar at all, but I don’t like any of the one-column themes.

    2. How do you hide the list of subpages on the pages widgets?

    3. How do you hide the page title on the page itself? For example, when I am on the home page, it says “Home” right at the top. How do I get rid of that?

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is coramdeotutorials.wordpress.com.



    1. Add a text widget with nothing in it to the sidebar and the others, which are a sample set to let you see what it would look like, will disappear.

    2. You can exclude subpages by page ID by clicking on edit on the pages widget.

    3. If that can be done without also hiding the post titles, it would require CSS editing experience, and the paid CSS upgrade.


    3. As I thought, the page titles and the post titles are both controlled in the #content .post h2 section of the CSS, which means if you hide it, it hides both the page and post titles.



    Thanks! Hm, I don’t know anything about CSS. That might be a problem…

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