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Hide tags for Bueno theme

  1. Hi,
    I'm extremely new to blogging and don't know anything about html or css. I am trying to hide the tags at the bottom of my posts. I use the Bueno theme and my blog is . Thanks in advance for the help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. goofballcommittee

    I'm not very experienced with Bueno but if there isn't an option to hide tags/categories under each post you probably need the Custom CSS upgrade to hide the tags.

  3. The following CSS hides the categories and then aligns the author section to the right otherwise it sits in the middle with a large amount of white space to the right of it.

    .categories {
    .author {
    float:right !important;
  4. This is only possible with the paid CSS upgrade and it will only work in the more recent versions of the better browsers (basically it won't work for visitors using Internet Explorer). You can trial the code before you buy, here's the line to paste into the CSS edit box.

    .post p:nth-last-child(1) {display:none;}

  5. Shoot, I need more coffee.

    Goes to hide under a rock.

  6. C'est dommage que ce n'est pas traduit en fran├žais car je ne comprend pas l'anglais

  7. @nanou456: You don't need to translate code into French :-)
    However, if you have questions in French in the future, this is the place to go:
    Forums en fran├žais

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