Hide "Tags" to Left of Posts in Chateau Theme?

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    Could anyone tell me how to hide the post “tags” that display to the left (kind of in the margin) of my posts? I’d rather the tags were not displayed there. I’m using the Chateau theme. I’m not sure if custom design is required for this, but I do have the upgrade bundle with custom design upgrade. Wondering what CSS code to add or it if is something simpler than that??? Thanks so much for your help!

    The blog I need help with is twylalively.com.


    This will do it.

    .post-extras {
    display: none;

    Add the above to the CSS edit window at appearance > custom design > CSS. Do not paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window as it will cause problems for you.



    Yes . . . that did EXACTLY what I wanted. Thanks so much for your help. This is the 2nd time you’ve given me a bit of code that has helped, when I know nothing!


    You are welcome.



    Do you need to have the custome design to remove this?



    Yes you do.



    Thanks to time thief’s fantastics posts on tags, I wanted to add them. But I just had the exact same question – sorted!!

    Timethief and Sacredpath you are GREAT! So community-minded and generous with your excellent and clear advice. Many bank thanks.



    Oops two typos- must be too early.

    Should read: Many many thanks
    (and no s on fantastic of course)


    Thanks for your smart brain!

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