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    How do I hide the date and author name on the posts? I do not care about the url showing in the link. Also, I do not want to hide the footer, I want to add to it. Are you stating that I can’t even add a footer to my blog at all? I’m wanting to add my blog footer with my contact information. It there another want to do this or should I search for another blog theme that has this option.

    The blog I need help with is tatestake.com.



    You can add to your footer, you just can’t remove the links that are already there. Additionally, with Infinite Scroll coming to all themes, you might be better advised to put your contact details somewhere else, like a Sticky post, an Alert, or a text widget.

    You will have to wait until staff reply with the code you require. There is no more volunteer support for CSS. As it’s a long weekend, it may take a day or so.



    To hide the date/author, add this to your CSS:

    .post-meta {
    display: none;

    I agree with Raincoaster that you may want to add a text widget to your sidebar with contact details, or add a contact page, rather than add it to the footer.

    But, to add to your footer, I believe the following will work for you:

    #copyright {
    content: "This is your contact details.";

    Great idea. Thank you. I had not thought of adding a widget. will probably do that. Thanks!

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