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    Hi, I’m struggling with a few issues that I haven’t been able to resolve. My blog address: premanihan.wordpress.com

    1. I managed to create subpages on the top page bar, and also hid other pages (as subpages) that I didn’t want to show up top.

    2. I want to create a Page widget on the sidebar, with each page on top listed also on the side, with subpages showing for some pages but not all. Now the pages I hid end up showing up in the side bar widget. How do I also hide them in the side bar

    3. When I created one page on the side bar (Hakomi), other pages and their subpages show up as well. I want pages to show up separately, each with its own larger title.

    Hope this is not too confusing, thanks.

    The blog I need help with is premanihan.wordpress.com.


    The header displays parent pages only. The Pages widget normally displays all pages; to hide some of them, you get their ID numbers and write it in the “Exclude” box of the widget.

    (For the ID numbers, go to Pages>Edit, hover over each page title, and look at the bottombar of your browser.)

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